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Recognition of educational qualification

The Council of Engineers Thailand continuously operates on 2 tracks of accreditation /degree recognition namely;

Recognition of educational qualification

Degree-recognition operated by COET committee for Educational Qualification is mandated by the Council of Engineers Regulations on Recognition of Degree, Diploma, or Certificate for Regulated Engineering Professional Practice (2011) and the list of basic sciences, basic engineering, and specific engineering courses for COET degree recognition, of which the scheme for degree recognition is generally considered as prescriptive based accreditation of engineering education.

In view of qualification recognition, the degree recognition substantially allows transformation of engineering education program assessment from input-based program assessment to outcome-based program accreditation. The Council of Engineers Rules for Body of Knowledge on Basic Sciences, Basic Engineering, and Specific Engineering for The Council of Engineers Degree Recognition on Regulated Engineering Program was announced on October 10, 2019, allows engineering educational program to freely emphasis on knowledge body content and learning outcomes rather than strictly emphasis on required basic sciences basic engineering and specific engineering courses and course descriptions. Program self-declaration report template is initiated for use of degree recognition and prescribed based assessment of the program is considered minimal.

​​Engineering Program Accreditation

Accreditation of engineering education is operated by a committee for Thailand Accreditation Board for Engineering Education (TABEE). It is continuously operated under the Council of Engineers Rules on Accreditation of Engineering Education.

This scheme of outcomes-based engineering program accreditation is on voluntary basis for both regulated and non-regulated engineering programs. Any regulated engineering programs which have been accredited by TABEE is considered meeting requirements of degree recognition. Graduates of the accredited programs of regulated engineering disciplines are qualified to take academic proficiency examinations for regulated professional license (class: associate engineer license).