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License for Foreign Engineer

A Foreign Engineer may apply to become an Adjunct Engineer, who will be subject to residency requirement of a six-month visa for a stay in the Kingdom. However, the applicant shall submit the practical and significant engineering experience report and pass all tests which are conducted in Thai language.

The engineering examination would cover the Basic Engineering for all disciplines and the Specific Engineering for each engineering discipline.


All applicants are required to have a minimum of two years of acceptable engineering experience prior to registration.

Acceptable engineering experience shall include the application of theory and experience in broad areas of practical experience, management, communication and the social implications of engineering. The engineering experience shall relate to the jurisdiction process the Code of Ethics, the Code of Conducts, and the Code of Practices. The engineering experience shall be obtained in Thailand or in a Thai environment for at least two years.

There shall be at least one reference from a practicing professional engineer or a senior professional engineer who is familiar with details of the candidate’s work for the experience claimed. The immediate or direct supervisor of the candidate’s present and past employers are the most suitable referees. For larger projects or multiple engineering works, referees should provide information regarding the candidate’s technical competence in the application of engineering principles and theory, ability to communicate, ability to work on a team, ability to exercise professional judgment, and whether the candidate has good personal attributes, such as integrity and responsibility.

A candidate who wishes to register as an adjunct engineer is required to successfully complete an examination to confirm that he/she has sufficient knowledge of the ethical considerations and obligations that accompany the privileges of professional status, as well as the legal concepts relevant to be a professional engineer.

The Committee of Professional Practice Qualification conducts the assessment mechanism for independent practice.
A supplementary report and interview are required in the assessment process.

Engineering experiences which indicated in the record shall satisfy of with the basic requirements, Professional practice experiences, and conform to the Code of conduct. The experiences shall provide more details in the provided form.
For the additional report should be in A4
– format or the logbook with certified signature by the direct supervisor(s) or senior registered engineer(s).
The professional practice qualification shall comply with the Council of Engineers Thailand regulation as follows:

  • The engineering practice experiences, amount of work description in the significant engineering works, performance, structured training and some additional conditions which specified in each discipline are reviewed by a sub – committee who is appointed by the Council Board.
  • An applicant who has demonstrated his/her professional practice experience and has met the basic requirements are is partially approved by the sub-committee. The applicant will be assigned to get an interview and/or take the written examination. The passing grade is specified at 60%
  • The written examination is for evaluation the for engineering practice experience and concerns the currently developed technology and the practical experience. Contents of the examinations are categorized into two parts, basic engineering requirement, and specific engineering.

The applicant who assigned and passed the written examination is required to get an interview. The interview, candidate may be interviewed the questions related to the practical experiences and the professional development.