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Regulated Engineering Disciplines

Imposed by The Minister of Interior under the Ministerial Announcement on Regulated Engineering Disciplines and the Engineers Act B.E. 2542 (1999), COET is authorized to regulate and promote engineering practitioners relating to professional licensing. The regulated engineering disciplines are:

1) Civil Engineering
2) Electrical Engineering
3) Mechanical Engineering
4) Industrial Engineering
5) Mining Engineering
6) Chemical Engineering
7) Environmental Engineering

Either engineering individual or juristic person organization who practices on announced regulated engineering works of which is classified by the regulated engineering discipline, must be a holder of engineering license. Acquiring of engineering license which is classified by discipline of regulated engineering practice, educational qualification, professional experiences, the applicant must be examined for his/her academic proficiency and professional competency to ensure applicant’s competency, responsibility to safeguard public/private safety, life, and property, and the consciousness on public safety and environment.